"Chicken Coops" Model- 54S $479

A Quality "Chicken Coop House" that will hold up to 6 "chickens or hens" depending upon size of each bird. This chicken coop house has a "Large Nesting Box" with Three (3) "Nesting Areas" and Three (3) Perches. The Universal "Large Nesting Box" can be attached on either side of the "Hen house" so you have a choice of adding it to the right or left side. The "chicken coops houses" also features an easy slide-out tray that makes cleaning easier.



"Chicken Coops" Model-The Cottage $449

The Cottage is the, "best chicken coops" Which comes with an Attached Pen (chicken run) & Pull-Out Cleaning Tray Suited for up to 6 Chickens/ birds, Rabbits, Ducks & Small Animals. The hen house is raised along with the large nesting box and it has a perch in the chicken run area with a platform for entering the hen house.

chicken coops andruns

"Chicken Coops" Model-The Grand $549

The Grand is a Large Chicken Coop with an Enclosed chicken coop and Run/Pen. The coop is Tongue & Grooved wood and has a Pull Out Cleaning Tray, Raised Hen House with a Hinged Large Nesting Box and Sliding Screened Vent Window. The Hen House Perches provides over 80 inches of Perching Area. The Grand will hold 6 12 Chickens Depending on Size of Birds and How Much Room You Want to Provide. Also Great for Rabbits, Ducks And Other Small Animals.



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